Where Is the High-Heel Capital of America?


Graphic courtesy of Gilt


If you were ever looking for a reason to relocate to Puerto Rico—besides the beautiful beaches and balmy, warm weather, of course—you might want to consider the fabulous high heel factor.

According to Gilt, women there wear the highest heels out of anywhere in the United States. Data scientists at the retailer collected data on the average heel heights purchased on their site from coast to coast, and mapped the results for their blog.

Women in warmer states tend to go for higher heels. Puerto Rico had the highest heel height at 2.87 inches, followed by Nevada, Florida, Arkansas, and Texas. The lowest heels belonged to Kansas, Nebraska, and Maine, states with more rural areas that may value being outdoorsy (and, you know, practical) more than teetering on sky-high stilettos.

Fast Company notes that Gilt didn't include items like boots in their calculations, which may explain why northern states fall on the low side of things. (Or maybe northerners just don't want to slip and fall on icy sidewalks.)

Gilt also tried to map out what colors people like to wear from state to state, but ran into a roadblock: Everyone prefers to wear black. After all, if a little black dress can't unite our country, nothing can.

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