High Heels injury are a thing, science confirms!



The University of Alabama at Birmingham did a research about injuries caused by high heels.

Women and high heels are like mac and cheese: we’re just great together! However, there is no rose without a thorn. A super gorgeous pair of Charlotte Olympia could cause us severe injuries, at least according to The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

UAB did a research about the connection between high heels and injuries among women. Results showed that female aged 20 to 29 are more likely to be involved in “high heels related accidents” (yes it’s a thing) than those in their 30s. Over 80 percent of these accidents caused damages around the foot and ankle. The rest involved the knees, shoulders, head, and neck. Although the majority of these women experienced minor injuries like strains and sprains, there are others who actually got their bones fractured from wearing high heels.

One thing that got us puzzled is that 50 percent of these accidents occurred at home, while the other 50 is divided between various public places. Ladies, this is a gentle reminder that fluffy home slippers would be a better choice of footwear to walk from your bedroom to the kitchen.

We know killer stilettos are unquestionably stylish, but it’s worth understanding the boo-boos that these Jimmy Choo may bring to us. To prevent more tragedies, keeping your eyes open to the surroundings and wearing appropriate shoes for different occasions sounds like a good idea! We strongly advise you not to ignore these tips, unless you are Claire from Jurassic World–who ran away from dinosaurs in a pair of beige Louboutin without slipping throughout the whole movie.






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