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We already guessed that guys could be a bit shallow sometimes but now we have a study to support our theory.
According to a study from Nicolas Guéguen, a lecturer in a French university, wearing heels –when you are woman- increase the helpfulness of men.
Girls between 20 and 28 wearing the same outfit except for the shoes took on the experiment. Depending on the type of shoes worn, men interacted with more or less responsiveness… And the higher the heels, the higher the efforts to help the lady.
Men waited 8 minutes to help the sky heeled girls, 12 minutes for kitten heels and 14 minutes for flats!
And to answer the remaining skepticals, the researcher continued his street investigation with another study, this time asking 19 year-old girls to conduct a survey among men. 83% of men accepted to participate when the surveyor girl had heels, compared to 50% when they were wearing flats. A little spontaneous friendliness, which inevitably hides a desire to seduce and leaves us a bit perplexed. Especially considering that the girls’ behavior was the same regardless of the shoes!







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